技术- Saas和软件Adobe XD模板
来看看“Techni”吧,它是用于SaaS和软件的Adobe XD模板. Versatile for any digital service or startup, its organized file simplifies layer editing. 适用于各种软件解决方案.
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电子市场UI PP草图模板
电子市场UI php你好,感谢您的查看!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...
CRM Dashboard Ui V2草图模板
CRM Dashboard Ui V2Hello,感谢您的查看!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...
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您好,谢谢您的查询!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点:+组织良好...
您好,谢谢您的查询!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点:+组织良好...
CRM 2 Dashboard Ui V2草图模板
CRM 2 Dashboard Ui v2你好,感谢您的查看!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...
Walance Bank Dashboard ui你好,感谢您的查询!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点:+...
VPRO仪表板UI VU草图模板
VPRO Dashboard UI VUHello,感谢您的查看!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...
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FIBE银行仪表盘ui你好,感谢您的查询!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...
Monc is a high-quality website template perfect for making fashion, beauty, art or travel blog. It contains 10 Sketch screens in which all layers and folders are well organized and named.Features:...
ARO银行仪表盘ui你好,感谢您的查询!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...
你好,谢谢你的检查!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点:+组织良好...
PetCare Dashboard Ui V2草图模板
PetCare Dashboard Ui V2Hello,感谢您的查看!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...
Leminus Web代理草图模板
leminus是一家提供创新网页设计的创意网站机构 & 开发服务以及网站营销, SEO(搜索引擎优化), 电子商务与品牌推广...
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Shila是一个高质量的电子商务模板,非常适合现代商店. It contains 9 Sketch files in which all layers and folders are well organized and named. 设计具有现代感和优雅感...
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UB银行仪表盘ui你好,感谢您的查询!智能草图模板设计与现代的外观. 这个模板将是一个伟大的匹配您即将到来的应用程序!产品特点...


The collection of Sketch templates represents a unique set of ready-to-use designs. 所有这些都与最新版本的软件兼容. Sketch应用程序模板的编译将随着新的UX和UI模型而增长. All of them are ready to be adjusted in accordance with your personal or business needs.


这是一个独特的应用程序. It delivers unique sets of features and functionality that are needed to create app UI/UX designs and mockups. As a rule, it takes lots of time to build a usable and effective UI for a mobile application. 你需要特别考虑添加到设计中的每一个细节. 最重要的是, you need to come up with the idea of how to create the ideal presentation of your software. 使用Sketch iOS应用模板,你可以更快地达到所需的效果.


Sketch于2010年首次推出. The program is rapidly becoming more ubiquitous amongst web designers and developers. 多像素密度的屏幕尺寸越来越大. It’s become essential for designers to quickly create assets and mockups while handling vector-based files. This is one of the major reasons why many designers give preference to Sketch over Photoshop.

  • The program allows you to draw one design and export it into as many resolutions as you need. Do you hesitate if you need to get your work exported 10px wide 500px wide or 1000px? 该程序允许您使用一个项目创建多个导出维度.
  • 它是100%基于向量的, 让你所有的艺术品都是5px的正方形或5000px的正方形或介于两者之间的任何地方.
  • The program lets you align any object to the center of Artboard, either vertically or horizontally. The functionality works similarly to Photoshop and Illustrator yet it’s less buggy.
  • It supports the possibility to organize your design project into separate pages, 从而给你的作品带来更多的秩序.
  • It allows you to create repeatable text styles or other elements styles within your software. So, whenever you need to change or update any style, it will be synchronized throughout your project.
  • The program makes as simple to export files to SVG as to any other type of file.
  • 它知道CSS. 无论你创建什么样的项目, 只需右键单击文本即可轻松获取CSS, shape, gradient, etc.
  • 它提供了更直观的切片选项.
  • 该应用程序主要是为了加快你的工作流程.


通过现成的设计, you can streamline the process of developing your next app interface manifolds. 每个模板都是一个普通的Sketch文件,可以作为一个新文档打开. All of the ready-made designs from this showcase are pre-populated with layers that allow you to begin with the customization work straight away. You can adjust the design of any chosen Sketch iOS UI template in the way that matches the idea of standing behind your web project to the fullest. The growing collection of sample templates includes trendy material design templates, as well as flat and minimal solutions that can match any online venture of yours.


Templateog体育首页 marketplace provides a growing collection of ready-to-use professional designs. Every item is checked thoroughly by the Review Team so that you are provided with the best mobile app design templates from qualified and industry-leading web design professionals.

  • Customizable color palette lets you pick colors to match the look and feel of your business project.
  • 完全可编辑的排版. 每个模板都加载了一组谷歌网页字体, 让您选择可以提高项目可读性的字体. 你可以选择干净和时尚的字体,很好地配合简单的设计, 以及更多出色的选择,可以作为额外的注意力触发器.
  • Rich kits of UI elements let you get started with the ultimate online presentation of your creative business projects. 因此,您可以将重点放在设计的内容上,而不是
    高质量的源文件. 模板的所有层和符号都被整齐地分组、命名和组织. Every template comes loaded with detailed instructions on how to customize colors, fonts, and styles.
  • A wide choice of mobile app layouts are well-suited to be applied for Compatibility with Sketch, XD & Figma.

We’ve made up a collection of the best Sketch app resources that you can use for the development of your next software project. The number of ready-made designs is due to be expanded with new stunning options. All these packs include tons of fully editable elements that can be implemented in your own designs.